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If you have not seen V for Vendetta yet, you really should.

It was written during the Thatcherism years, but if you think it doesn't count now, you're living in Cloud Cuckoo Land.

It is a dystopian future, but if you think it couldn't happen, think again. All the ingredients for that reality to begin are here now.

If you live in America, get rid of George Bush. He and his friends have no interest in helping anyone but rich powerful white men become richer and more powerful.

If you live in Britain, get rid of Tony Blair. He has no interest in anything but his own power, his own self-important place in history and his cronies.

They have no interest in doing anything in Lebanon or Palestine or Israel or Iraq that won't do anything for them. They have no interest in learning their history or the history of others. They have no interest in discovering the worlds of other people or the lives of other people or the thoughts, hopes and dreams of other people.

Many of you will already agree with me. I don't believe there's any politicians in the UK or the USA that actually gives a shit about we, the little people... but I don't believe the ones we have at the moment will improve. I'm probably preaching to the choir, but I don't care.

If you think that it cannot happen, I will point you to a time not so very long ago when the starving people of Germany voted in the National Socialist Party, or the time Senator McCarthy was allowed to ruin the lives of hundreds of people and caused many thousands of others to live in fear, or the time the starving Russians allowed the Communist party to rule them for decades. And that is only the last century.

Hey, talking about that, remember the time we let the Prime Minister implement control orders without evidence? Or the time we let the Americans stop off en route to taking weapons to Israel that ended up killing innocent people including some UN people? Or the time we allowed the genocide in Rwanda to continue? The ethnic cleansing in Bosnia? The time they went on at us about Avian Flu, which seems to have disappeared

I love to be trivial. I love to talk at length about rock music or movies, or whatever you like. But I know as well as I'm sitting here typing that, if the worst should happen to freedom, my rock music, my movies, my thoughts would be some of the first on the block. If you think you would be safe, think again. There's nobody in the world, nobody that is safe from the thought police of censorship. We are all gloriously, wonderfully different and therein lies humanity's great triumph. To make an attempt at suppressing that is to spit in the eye of God Himself, who created us this way- everyone the same and everyone the different.

Remember also this, seemingly unrelated: Michael Collins was called a terrorist once, but he had his own Hollywood movie made. Violence is never right so we must all, all of us, be aware and be strong and make sure as one great, teeming mass of humanity, that we need never call on the services of a Michael Collins or a V again. To make sure that we never get to the point where blowing shit up is the only way. 

Should these things come to pass, I stand by what I've just written. Don't bother looking for me at home, I'd hope that I'd already be working against you when you come for me with bats and guns.

We are all born free. What we do after that is up to us.


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